Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return or exchange an item if I simply do not like it?
Yes, you may always exchange an item (following our return conditions) if you inform us by email within 14 days of receipt. If you want to exchange, we will immediately reserve the item for which you want to exchange it.

What is your delivery time?
We ship the products within 2-5 working days with Post.nl with track and trace.

Can I wash woolen scarves?
Wool has the tendency to collect little dirt over a period of time. We advise our customers to air out our woolen products. If you do however wish to wash the wool, wash it in lukewarm water with mild baby shampoo.

Are all prices including VAT?
Yes, all prices include VAT.

How do I maintain a suede bag?
Suede can be made water and dirt repellent with a protective spray. You can buy this product at any shoe store. You can remove stains from suede using a suede cleaning kit.

Happy Lona Tip: You can also use a new eraser to clean your suede.