Kashmir Collection

Kashmir Collection

In the north of India, next to the Himalayas, lies the beautiful city Srinagar, the summer capital of the Indian federal state of Jammu and Kashmir. The city is nestled in the Kashmir Valley, on the shores of the Jhelum river and is surrounded by stunning lakes, such as the large valley lake with its impressive houseboats and floating gardens.

A city that is cherished for its numerous botanical gardens, ancient buildings, mosques and for centuries it has been renowned for being the center of the applied arts.

This region fabricates the most exquisite pashmina (handwoven scarves made from Kashmir wool), hand-knotted silk carpets, detailed painted objects made from paper mache and beautifully embroidered clothing and leather goods.



The Happy Lona collection mainly consists of beautifully embroidered products. This style of embroidery is centuries old and inspired by nature. The leaf and floral patterns, such as the Chinar (maple leaf), the tulip, rose, lily and lotus flower are used in the decorative colorful designs.


It is in the city of Srinagar that the Happy Lona/Kashmir collection is made. The embroidered bags, scarfs, and hats are hand made in small ateliers or in homes of the artisans. Each specializing in their own craft throughout the production process.  All products are made from natural materials such as sheep leather, wool, and silk. Happy Lona does not work with other businesses that consent to child labour.